Brian Bartholow
Genre: Acoustic Rock/Folk


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Brian started writing music again in 2009 after a near 15 year break. His debut album, A Six Pack And A Bottle of Life, is filled with emotional songs that look back events that shaped his life and help make him the man he is today.

Artist Bio

Brian has been playing music since the age of 8, but really got into playing guitar around the age of 13. He played in a garage/barn band in Delano, MN from 1993 to 1997 before leaving for college. For the next 9 years Brian played sporadically until his oldest son, Riley, was born. Brian began playing for Riley as he grew and started to get back into it again. In 2009, Brian made a goal to write his first song in 12 years before December 31st. Brian met that goal by writing not only his first song in 12 years, Last Goodbye, but also his second song was written and the music was recorded before the December 31st deadline. Brian was able to finish recording the second song, Brother, in January of 2010.

By the end of 2011, Brian released seven of his songs on an EP titled A Six Pack And A Bottle Of Life. The majority of the songs are a reflective look on Brian’s past experiences and events that impacted his life.

Brian released a second album in 2012 titled Something We All Wish We Knew. Enlisting the help of songwriter Jay Skipworth of Alabama on a few songs, Brian put together a fun album full of rock, emotional, and all around enjoyable songs that people can relate too. Brian also enlisted the help of local musicians Matt Graunke and the late Jim Armstrong to fill out the songs and bring them to life.

In 2012, Brian joined the band Dirtball Deluxe as a guitarist and vocalist. Dirtball Deluxe released their first EP in July of 2013. Brian wrote or co-wrote three of the five songs on the EP. In March of 2014, Dirtball Deluxe released their first full length album titled, Further Down the Highway. Brian wrote or co-wrote nine of the eighteen songs on the album.

Brian continues to focus on Dirtball Deluxe, but also continues to write songs for solo projects. On March 25, 2014, Brian will release a duet that he penned with local talent Stacy Lee titled Come Back Home. Brian hopes to release a new EP by the end of 2014 before focusing on the next Dirtball Deluxe project.

Brian Bartholow – Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

A Six Pack And A Bottle Of Life – December 2011
Something We All Wish We Knew – September 2012

With Dirtball Deluxe:

Miles Down the Highway (EP) – May 2013
Further Down the Highway – March 2014

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Set List Includes

Original songs as well as select covers. Cover artists include Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Hootie and the Blowfish, Plain White Ts, Poison, Roy Orbison, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, and Pearl Jam.
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