Something We All Wish We Knew

Something We All Wish We KnewBrian’s first full length album featuring twelve original songs all written or co-written by Brian. Something We All Wish We Knew is a collection of intimate songs written based on life experiences. Featuring lead guitar work from Matt Graunke, drum work by Jim Armstrong, and bass/guitar work by Jay Skipworth. Released in 2012.

Hurt (Bartholow/Skipworth)
Let It Go (Bartholow)
Taken (Bartholow)
Beautiful Life (Bartholow)
One More Try (Bartholow)
You and Me (or a Waste of Time) (Bartholow)
Happy Now (Bartholow)
Portrait (Bartholow)
Indifferent (Bartholow/Skipworth)
Unrequited (Bartholow)
King for a Day (Bartholow/Skipworth)
Weaving Hearts (Bartholow/Skipworth)

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