Brian latest release, Something We all Wish We Knew, serves up twelve original songs offering glimpses into the relationships, breakups, joys of marriage and kids, reflections on current events, as well as coping with the loss of loss of his brother all of which helped shape his life over the past three decades.

Armed with a full band and all the emotion you can pack in six strings, Brian aims to take listeners on a journey through the good and bad times. “This album really dives into the heart of who am I and the events that made me the person I am today, ” says Brian. “I hope the listener can sit back and enjoy the ride, and maybe even relate to the songs on a personal level.”

Brian grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota with a love of music instilled in him by his father and mother. From the Beatles to the Jackson 5, Brian learned to love and appreciate all kinds of music. From the age of 8, Brian has been fiddling with guitar. At age 12 he began to write his own material. After leaving high school behind, Brian also left his songwriting behind. Then just before the birth of his first child, Brian began playing again. Shortly after he vowed to start writing again and has been doing so ever since.

With the release of his first EP, A Six Pack and a Bottle of Life, Brian fulfilled a long time goal and dream of sharing his music with the world. “Writing music has been a great way to deal with some of the events that helped shape me as a person; good and bad. It’s a great way to cope with things and accept they way the cards have been dealt.” Brian describes his songwriting as, “relatable and familiar. ”

In 2012, Brian joined the band Dirtball Deluxe as a guitarist and vocalist. Dirtball Deluxe released their first EP in July of 2013. Brian wrote or co-wrote three of the five songs on the EP. In March of 2014, Dirtball Deluxe released their first full length album titled, Further Down the Highway. Brian wrote or co-wrote nine of the eighteen songs on the album.

Brian continues to focus on Dirtball Deluxe, but also continues to write songs for solo projects as well. On March 25, 2014, Brian will release a duet that he penned with local talent Stacy Lee titled Come Back Home. Brian hopes to release a new EP by the end of 2015 before focusing on the next Dirtball Deluxe project.